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Payroll Solutions from Beginning to End

Comprehensive Services, Unwavering Support. 

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Handling your own payroll can be taxing, especially if you have a business to run. It can take hours, even days away from focusing on the needs of your organization, and can take a toll on your productivity and profitability. Enter, Alpha-Ωmega Payroll Solutions, LTD. Established in 2014, we aim to provide services that are carefully tailored to the needs of every unique customer. Our staff members are dedicated to not simply meeting, but exceeding expectations - so much so that we've doubled in size since our founding. With a combined 100 years of experience, our staff will provide you with detailed, accurate, and error-free services, which gives you the ability to focus on running their business while we take care of your payroll needs. Christo Vardakis, President and Founder, has a vast knowledge of payroll laws and regulations, and educates his staff to follow his lead. We don't just process payroll but advise our clients how to properly track their payroll.

Our facility is state-of-the-art with offsite backups, disaster recovery systems in place, and backup location in case of power outages or unforeseen disasters. We have extensive knowledge of union payrolls, certified payrolls, prevailing wage jobs, and FSLA labor regulations. We have attorneys that can assist in audits and we also provide a full service in the unlikely event of an FLSA labor issue or audits.

There When It Counts 

Here at Alpha-Ωmega Payroll Solutions, LTD, our team is timely, professional, and dependable, but - most of all - we're THERE when you need us. You are not another number to us, but a valued member of a partnership. Because of our unwavering dedication to you, the customer, you'll never find us sending you straight to voicemail or leaving you on hold for hours on end. In fact, we're even willing to stay after hours in order to meet your payroll deadline. This level of customer support sets us apart in the industry as an organization who will work tirelessly to ensure your success!

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Alpha-Ωmega Payroll Solutions, LTD specializes in a wide variety of services, including: 


All businesses are unique, and your payroll solutions should be no different! We offer customized, comprehensive payroll services for your organization, which allows you to focus on what you do best - running your business! 
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Time and Attendance

We partner with SwipeClock to provide our customers with the most advanced automated timekeeping solutions available. From FlexClocks to WebClocks, we'll help you find the timekeeping solution that seamlessly fits your business!
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HR and Compliance

From human resource assistance to ACA compliance solutions, we'll ensure that your organization is always adhering to policies and regulations. This will allow you to avoid hefty fines or penalties.
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We are proud to employ and partner with a team of expert payroll and accounting specialists who are eager to consult with you regarding the needs of your business. We'll help you determine the best solution for your company. 
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...And More

Many more ancillary services are available when you partner with Alpha-Ωmega Payroll Solutions, LTD! Some of these include workers' compensation, labor law posters, and Employee Navigator. For more information, call our offices and schedule a free consultation!

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We have been using Alpha-Omega Payroll Solutions, LTD and Christo Vardakis for payroll service for over 10 years and we are happy with their service and pricing. We are a ‘White Glove Furniture Delivery Service’ with physical locations in California, New Jersey & Florida and a total of approximately 50 employees. We like the fact of our personalized service.

Trucking Industry, NJ, CA, FL

We are a specialty food manufacturer and seller with now approximately 10 employees.  Alpha-Omega Payroll Solutions & Human Resource Services has been instrumental in aiding in our company's growth.  The payroll services are on point with attention to detail and timeliness, while the human resources service is not only personalized, but has been proactive every step of the way- from proper protocol with new hires to re-structuring our employee handbook; they have corrected mistakes and eliminated any possible oversights- in a prompt and courteous manner.

We feel we have a partner inAlpha-Omega Payroll Solutions, LTD and are happy to have them on our team.

Food Manufacturer, Northern NJ


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