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Prevent time loss and time theft with reliable time and attendance solutions. 

Eliminate Time Theft

Say goodbye to "buddy punching" and other forms of time theft.

Complete Accuracy

Enjoy error-free time and attendance solutions.

Simplified and Accessible

Mobile timekeeping solutions allow you to track employee time anywhere!

Advanced Time and Attendance Solutions for Your Business

Time is money. By carefully and precisely tracking time, you can reduce one of your most significant expenses - labor costs. We proudly partner with SwipeClock to offer timekeeping solutions that allow employers to gain accuracy, eliminate clerical errors, save costs, and prevent forms of employee time theft like "buddy punching." Automated timekeeping solutions also allow employees to clock in and out more efficiently. Its vast range of features and benefits reach across nearly all industry verticals, improving and securing the timekeeping process. 

Whether your business needs a simple clocking in/out system, a mobile web clock, or a full biometric time clock, Alpha-Ωmega Payroll Solutions, LTD will help equip you with the timekeeping solutions you need to allow your business to excel. We are eager to consult with you to determine which solution is ideal for your organization. Feel free to reach out to us; we can't wait to speak with you.

Consult with Industry Experts 

Need advice? Direction? Say no more. Our trained and experienced professionals are able to consult with you to determine the solutions that would be best for your business. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our services! Schedule a consultation today! 


The traditional TimeClock offers all of the core features of automated timekeeping. By investing in a TimeClock, you'll receive a practical and accurate solution to your company's timekeeping needs. The TimeClock can collect punches through an employee PIN or badge swipe identification, and also supports biometric identification through an innovative Print Reader feature. This data will be sent daily for a supervisor to edit. This can be done through either a phone or a fax line. 

Key Features: 

>> Biometric PrintReader support (optional)
>> "Plug and play" hardware setup

>> Analog, or "fax/phone line" connectivity (daily transmission)
>> Swipe card or PIN - employee punch in/out


The FlexClock automated timekeeping solution offers a comprehensive, robust method of timekeeping that encompasses a myriad of advanced technologies. FlexClocks provide employers with a real-time, Ethernet-enabled solution that allows the employee to use key fobs, fingerprint readers, and/or proximity badges when swiping in, which simplifies the data collection process. The FlexClock includes a wall mounting option, provides feedback instantly, and boasts incredible durability. 


 >> Affordable, cost-effective time clock 

>> Portable

>> Data transmission over the web in real time

>> Employee data managed online 

>> Biometric fingerprint, PIN entry, swipe card


If you aren't in need of an on-site employee TimeClock, consider investing in a WebClock. This web-based automated timekeeping system lets employees clock in and out using a web browser. This is ideal for companies with employees regularly working remotely or companies that prefer web-based systems. No hardware or software required! With a WebClock, employers are able to access and edit time cards from any workstation, and employees can check their time card and schedule over the internet. 


Key Features: 

>> No software to install

>> Clock in/out through a standard web browser
>> No hardware needed for set up 
>> Near real-time data transmission to the web


The VoiceClock is a telephone-enabled solution that allows users to quickly and easily turn their phone into an advanced timekeeping device. The VoiceClock provides a punch collection option, which can be accessed through the convenience of the user's personal phone. This option is especially ideal for employers who often have employees working remotely, temporarily offsite, etc. It provides a combination of simplicity, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, and can be set up and placed on-site in just a few minutes! 


>>Clock in/out from your mobile device 

>>Near real-time transmission of data to the web 

>>Manage employee data online 

TimeWorks Mobile 

Just when you thought timekeeping couldn't get any simpler, enter the Timeworks Mobile App! This application allows employees to clock in and out remotely, giving both employees and their employers access to view timekeeping information. TimeWorks Mobile lets employees view pay period, clock in/out, view time-off balance, view their personal timecard, change location/department/job, etc. and more, straight from their mobile device. This solution works to manage labor costs for remote employees, as well as decrease administrative time across the organization.


>>View personal schedule and time card (if enabled)

>>View current hours worked/pay period 

>>Punch in/out

>>View time-off balance

>>View personal profile 

>>View manager/supervisor announcements

>>View end of pay period 

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We have been using Alpha-Omega Payroll Solutions, LTD and Christo Vardakis for payroll service for over 10 years and we are happy with their service and pricing. We are a ‘White Glove Furniture Delivery Service’ with physical locations in California, New Jersey & Florida and a total of approximately 50 employees. We like the fact of our personalized service.

Trucking Industry, NJ, CA, FL

We are a specialty food manufacturer and seller with now approximately 10 employees.  Alpha-Omega Payroll Solutions & Human Resource Services has been instrumental in aiding in our company's growth.  The payroll services are on point with attention to detail and timeliness, while the human resources service is not only personalized, but has been proactive every step of the way- from proper protocol with new hires to re-structuring our employee handbook; they have corrected mistakes and eliminated any possible oversights- in a prompt and courteous manner.

We feel we have a partner inAlpha-Omega Payroll Solutions, LTD and are happy to have them on our team.

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